We Dig Chemainus Christmas Edition 2016

It’s time to kick back and enjoy games, puzzles, food and family.  Put your feet up and take a minute to enjoy our quiz.


  1. Which country donates a Christmas tree to stand in London’s Trafalgar Square each year? a. Sweden, b. Canada, c. Norway
  2. It is a common custom to kiss under a sprig of mistletoe at Christmas.
    What is unusual about the plant? a. it is a parasite, b. it grows only on apple trees, c. it is bad luck to bring it into the house.
  3. Where do poinsettia plants originate? a. Hawaii, b. Mexico, c. Brazil
  4. What part of a tree is used to make cork?  a. bark, b. root tissue, c. pulped seeds
  5. The love apple is the original name for what?  a. potato, b. tomato, c. quince
  6. Camellias belong to which plant family?  a. heather, b. iris, c. apple
  7. In Labrador, which vegetables are saved from summer, hollowed out, fitted with a candle and given to children at Christmas? a. cucumbers, b. pumpkins, c. turnips
  8. What is a cloche?  a. a cover to protect plants, b. a type of fruit, c. a way of digging
  9. What is the latin name for holly?  a. helix, b. ilex, c. felix
  10. What defines a plant as a shrub?  a. grows bigger than other plants, b. develops a woody stem, c. never changes its shape

Answers   1- b, 2-a, 3-b, 4-a, 5-b, 6-a, 7-c, 8-a, 9-a, 10-b

And a big THANK YOU goes out to those merry little elves who have once again decorated the trees at the Oak St traffic circle.

Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS, Hoe, Hoe, Hoe! and Happy digging in 2017!
From all of us at Chemainus Communities in Bloom

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